About SLSB

SLSB International Co. Ltd was first established in Hong Kong in 1988 and was primarily engaged in the trading of commodities. Sourcing niche products to meet market demands has always been a strength and we decided to build on this, becoming specialists in environmentally friendly products that deliver a direct commercial benefit to your bottom line. 

With operations in Hong Kong and Australia, as well as a global network of regional distributors, we offer a range of innovative, sophisticated products that mean our customers don’t have to choose between the environment and their bottom line.  

You don’t have to choose between the environment and your bottom line.


Personal contact

We believe that the products we sell can have a significant impact on business profitability, on the environment, and on the lives of those who use our products.  For this reason, we don’t simply sell via an online store. We encourage our customers to make personal contact with us, and together design a solution to deliver effective, efficient, and long-term results. Geography is no limitation. Company director Scott is constantly traveling, spending time on the ground designing solutions for both existing and prospective customers.  In many cases, a personal meeting can be arranged to discuss your requirements. 

Our approach is about ensuring you have the right product for your application and that you achieve the best results from the product for your business.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements