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“GFX has ALLOWED us to realise 15% fuel savings, and at the same time improving the quality of the fuel, increasing reliability, and reducing equipment downtime”

Canopus has forestry operations in Papua New Guinea. It has multiple types of equipment, including Generators, Dozers, Jinkers, Landing Craft, Tug Boats and assorted vehicles. It has faced many issues with poor quality fuel at site, causing substantial downtime to it’s fleet. Within 1-2 weeks, after using GFX, Canopus’ fleet is running reliably, with reduced fuel consumption, and heavily reduced maintenance and downtime required.

The cost to use GFX was USD 2c per treated litre. With a 15% fuel saving, the client was able to save USD 9,650 per month fuel savings alone (based on 75,000L of Diesel per month for 1 location). Add the reduced maintenance, downtime and parts costs and GFX is a proven and reliable answer to modern fuel issues.