“Build up of paraffin waxes in fuel filters causing breakdowns and work quality issues”

The Colas Group operates in every aspect of construction and maintenance for roads and for other types of transport infrastructure, as well as on projects involving urban development and recreational facilities. Backed by a workforce of 61,000 people globally.

Poor fuel was causing issues with equipment at their
operations with a continual build up of paraffin wax in fuel filters.

Paraffin wax is found in all modern diesel fueI. Itis used to help stop the fuel materials from separating, especially in colder climates.  Paraffin
however can and WILL build up in your equipment causing expensive and time consuming repairs that usually require the removal of the entire fuel system.

By adding GFX to the bulk fuelling tanks, Colas have eliminated the paraffin wax issue. Initial dose was 2000 to 1 to fast track the fuel treatment with ongoing dosing at very economical and recommended 4000 to 1.