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Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Within two weeks, GFX has shown a 5% fuel saving across the entire range of CCE equipment as well as an immediate reduction in black smoke emission's”

CCE runs a fleet of mixed concrete, excavation and asphalting equipment, based out of Albuquerque New Mexico.
CCE specialises in road construction of all types in the New Mexico region of the USA. This fleet includes agitators, spreading, loading and mixing equipment. CCE started trailing GFX in June 2014 and has validated the results we have achieved around the globe – guaranteed reduction in fuel consumption, reduction in emission's and reduced engine wear.

The cost to purchase GFX was 10c per treated gallon. With a 5% fuel saving (working on a $3.85 gallon purchase price), the client was able to save 9.5c nett per gallon on fuel savings alone. Add the reduced maintenance and parts costs and GFX is a proven and reliable answer to global fuel issues.