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“GFX delivers positive results in all situations whether it is mobile or stationary, GFX is guaranteed to work on all diesel/petrol powered equipment.”

EPC runs the power generation and distribution for the Pacific Island nation of Samoa. Their main source of their power is through diesel generation. Whilst reliable, it is costly with fuel prices at a premium across all Pacific Islands.

EPC conducted a thorough analysis of GFX through extensive onsite trials and documented a 5% fuel saving on their fuel use, 10c drop in exhaust temperature, Elimination of fuel pump breakdowns and Reduced blockages in fuel filters. In all, GFX demonstrated a range of benefits that all equate to a more efficient and cost effective operation.

The cost to use GFX was 2.0c per treated litre. With a 5% fuel saving (working on a $2.50 litre purchase price), the client was able to save 10.5c nett on fuel savings alone. Add the reduced maintenance and parts costs and GFX is a proven solution for all diesel power generation equipment.