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“GFX has helped achieve a total of 16% fuel savings, whilst also improving the drivability of the trucks”

Gilmour run a fleet of trucks across regional Western Australia. Their 2007 Volvo FH 520 runs from Perth to Kalgoorlie. Before using GFX, Gilmour’s were averaging 1.57 km per litre based n years of historical data.

Within four weeks this number had improved to 1.62 km per litre and after 16 weeks Gilmour’s now enjoy 1.822km per litre. This equates to a total 16% fuel saving. In addition to the fuel saving GFX also reduced build up of residue on oxygen sensor, saving costly and time consuming repairs.

The cost to use GFX was 2.2c per treated litre. With a 16% fuel saving (working on a $1.50 litre purchase price), the client was able to save 24c nett on fuel savings alone. Add the reduced maintenance and parts costs and GFX is a proven and reliable answer to modern fuel issues.