A powerful quick-break degreaser

GREEN-CLEAN Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate is a powerful quick break degreaser that offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical-based cleaners. Suitable for light to heavy soiled and greased surfaces, GREEN-CLEAN is non-carcinogenic with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is fully biodegradable. Its unique and effective formula is based on environmentally friendly ingredients, making it a natural alternative. GREEN-CLEAN is ready to use as a spray or it can be diluted in water. 

Keep your workshop naturally grease & oil free

Anyone who operates a workshop will know the time involved in routine cleaning. Workshop environments need to be kept free of grease and oil spills – primarily for safety purposes – but also to protect equipment within the workshop from oil and grease build up.

Reducing the time, effort and cost of doing these necessary tasks is a simple step towards an efficiently run workshop. Labour is expensive and we know the importance of choosing effective cleaning products. Sold as a concentrate, GREEN-CLEAN allows you choose the required dilution rate according to the level of soiling. This means more efficient product usage and less waste. Choosing GREEN-CLEAN is a smart, cost-effective way to reduce the time and cost involved in routine cleaning task

Product application

  • Ideal for use in all automotive and industrial applications requiring a heavy duty all-purpose cleaner.

  • Can be used for the removal of all oil and grease residues on floors, walls, trucks, cars, machinery, locomotives, stationary engines and compressors

Easy to use 

  • May be diluted for brushing.

  • Suitable for use in spray applicator.

  • Can be used in high pressure cleaners

  • Dilution rates as follows:

    • Heavy Degreasing – 1:10 parts water.

    • Medium Cleaning – 1:50 parts water.

    • Light Cleaning – 1:100 parts water.

Naturally Safe

GREEN-CLEAN solvents are derived from coconut, considered by many as the best natural cleaner in its class. Using a natural cleaner removes the problems associated with chemical fumes and the storage and disposal of hazardous products. GREEN-CLEAN is:


  • multiple uses

  • sold as a concentrate

  • heavy industrial

  • truck wash

  • environmentally responsible

  • not classified as hazardous

  • powerful natural and renewable resource based degreaser

Available Sizes

5, 20, 200 or 1000 litre drums. 

Product Safety

Not classified as hazardous. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Keep out of reach of children. 

How to Order

To order Green-Clean or request pricing information please phone SLSB International on +61 422 975 327 or email info@slsbinternational.com