Singapore & Brunei

We’d like to Welcome LLKN Enterprise to the Green Fuel Max Family today. LLKN will manage our interests in Singapore & Brunei. Should you have any enquiries, please click on their details on our CONTACT page.

Green Clean - New additions

In addition to our Green Clean - Coconut based degreaser, we are proud to announce the addition to the GREEN CLEAN range of products :

Green Clean - Hand-wash - An all natural industrial strength hand cleaner that removes tough oil and grease stains whilst protecting your skin.

Green Clean - Truck & Car wash - All natural non chemical based wash that leaves equipment clean and shining for weeks.


Everything we do is based on our principles of NOT USING CHEMICALS in our products....  We are happy to work with our customers to develop additional products that meet their needs.

Please contact us for more information


Come see our latest news

Well, it may seem that we have forgotten everyone here !    Please visit our Linkedin page to see our latest news & updates, including articles and client trials.


A Fresh Start

A clean out is good for the soul – it gives us the opportunity to review what we have, consider whether we still need it, and identify what new items we might be in need of now.  The same goes for websites.  So after a little throwing out, some tidying up, and some new additions, we are proud to welcome you to our sparkly new website.  

What’s New?

We decided to look at the big branding picture so we marched in our product logos for a timely refresh too.  We also have an exciting new addition to our product range.  Introducing Green Clean, our coconut-based detergent degreaser.  After successful field trials, Green Clean is ready for use in a wide range of applications.  You can read more about Green Clean here. 

Future plans

SLSB International is excited to be involved in the ongoing development of new and innovative products.  Make sure you subscribe to our News page for regular product updates, special event invitations, and articles on field trials and new product applications.

For now

While all this exciting research and development goes on, we remain committed to providing a high level of personal service to your business.  Partnering with our clients to develop effective solutions is the cornerstone of our business success. We welcome your feedback as you explore our new website and look forward to hearing your suggestions too.